Like Father, Unlike Son: FREE Edition

The best news to come out of the Colorado game was...
Two fold: One, it was a win you absolutely had to have. Two, Blaine Gabbert was barely hit and did not need any assistance to get off the field or out of the locker room. I don't think Gabbert is 100% yet, but I think he's a lot closer than he has been lately. And for that, perhaps I should eat some crow and believe Gary Pinkel when he gives me the injury report in the future.
First and foremost, Missouri's coaches went with the run. I almost jumped out of my seat when the first play was an empty backfield. There should now be no question that Missouri can run, if it will. That is the key to the rest of the season, taking the pressure off Gabbert to be a one-man band.
Aldon Smith. Go.
The Great Aldini. And to think he's done all this while learning on the job. I don't know if he will get the recognition, but I think he deserves first-team All-Big 12 selection this year.
The kid is really, really good. We've been saying it for six months. And now people are seeing it. He's a freshman all American and might break the school sack record, especially if Steckel attacks the next four teams like he did this one: With blitzes from all over. The kid's got surefire NFL talent...and he's barely scratched the surface of how good he can be.
Handicap the Big 12 North for me...
I still believe Nebraska has the inside track. And, they own the tie-breaker over Mizzou. I figure both Nebraska and Missouri finish 5-3 and Nebraska plays in the Big 12 title game and gets slaughtered by Texas. Missouri draws a good bowl game - not a BCS game, which MU does not deserve - but a very good bowl game.
Well, if Nebraska can beat Kansas, Kansas State and Colorado, they will win it, simple as that. But I'm not all that sure they can. I think Missouri has a pretty good shot to go to Arrowhead on a four game winning streak. And playing a KU team that really isn't playing for much of anything, well, 9-3 and 5-3 isn't out of the realm. I'm not calling Missouri the favorite, but I think they're in pretty good shape unless the Huskers do something shocking like beat Oklahoma.
Prediction for this week?
30-7 Missouri wins. Baylor isn't very good. Missouri is about to get some confidence going. Robert Griffin could have made this interesting. The guy they have at QB now cannot.
Missouri rolls 32-17. Again a quick start by the offense and a fall off in the second half. Fans may just have to get used to that. This Missouri team is going to get better and better as the year goes along. But right now they aren't consistent.
Quick thoughts on basketball season...
I think Missouri will be better than many outside Columbia think. We all know what Tiller and Taylor can do defensively, but I think they can be better on offense than many anticipate. And English, Denmon, Bowers, Paul, Safford, I think they're good players who didn't have a chance last year to contribute what they will this year. My expectation is an NCAA tournament team. Anything after that is a crapshoot.
The hoops team will make the NCAA Tournament. They'll have a good year. But the lack of rebounding will cause this team to be blown off the court at some point by good teams with good big men. That said, I expect Missouri to finish in the top five and possibly higher in the Big 12. They'll be fun to watch almost every night.
Like Father, Unlike Son will appear on the site each week through the end of Missouri's basketball season.