Like father, unlike son: Longhorns loom

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Thoughts following the week of two wins?
They did what they had to do. They held serve against teams that are better than them. This was a week where Missouri had little to gain, but a lot to lose. They avoided losing anything, so that's good. Now, we get some big boy games.
I knew Missouri was going to beat Iowa State and likely beat them by a bunch of points. But I wasn't sure about Kansas State. Perhaps the biggest thing that took place during the week came Monday when the AP Top 25 came out and the Tigers jumped two spots in the poll off a loss at A&M. Seems a lot of respect out there for Missouri basketball.
Most encouraging sign you saw this week?
I like the way Missouri is finding a way to rebound the basketball. Iowa State was one thing, but Kansas State likes to bang. And Missouri banged right back. Ricardo Ratliffe is really coming of age. And the MU guards are helping out the way they need to.
That Missouri has the best 1-2 point guard combo in the league (well, except for maybe Joseph and J'Covan Brown at UT, neither of whom technically start at PG). After a couple of weeks of swooning over Flip, Mike Dixon reminded everybody he isn't bad either.
Speaking of Texas, are they the best team in the league?
I guess Texas gets the nod for now. But unsteady is the perch atop the Big 12 Conference. I still think that among Texas, Missouri, Kansas, Baylor and A&M that any one of those team can beat any other of that group. We're in for a wild ride.
Take Baylor out of that mix and I agree. Right now, yes, it's Texas. But at this time last year, I'd have said the same thing. When you have as awful a finish as Rick Barnes did last year, it takes more than half a season to convince everyone it's in the past.
So does Missouri win down there?
I didn't think it was possible the Tigers could win at Texas in 2009, and they did. So yes, I think Missouri can win. I'm not going to predict they will. But I'm not going to assume they will not.
I agree with you. I'm not saying the Tigers can't win, I'm just saying I won't pick them to. I don't think the Tigers get blown out, but I can't predict the win. I'd say the Horns beat them by about eight.
Outside of the Tigers, which game are you watching?
K-State hosting Baylor on Monday to see if the Cats can succeed in one last ditch effort to save their season. Then Texas at OSU on Wednesday, to see how the Horns follow up one of the biggest regular season wins they've ever had with the Tigers looming on Saturday.
Of course I'll be watching the Texas at Oklahoma State game. As much to determine how good the Cowboys can be as to be watching the Longhorns. I already know how good Texas can be; good enough to win at Kansas.
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