Mizzou strikes again in Tennessee

The Missouri Tigers added commitment number 10 to the class of 2014 tonight as Nashville (Tenn.) Christ Presbyterian Academy offensive lineman Paul Adams decided to go ahead and pull the trigger on what was a huge night for his family.
"I've been talking about [committing] with my parents this past week I'd say now and talked to my coach about it just trying to find anyone that knows anything about Missouri football making sure this is going to be a good fit for me," the three star prospect explained. "So I sat down with my parents and my coach today, and my sister as well who just came in from college and has the same birthday as me only three years older actually, and put some pros and cons on the table. There were a lot more pros than cons so they were all like 'It's your call just whenever you want to [commit] it's your time'. I said 'Today's my birthday and I want this to be special so I'm doing it today'. At about 8:50 I called Coach [Josh] Henson and he was about to board a plane to St. Louis. I called him and I told him and he was just shocked."
Due to some travel complications Adams was not able to talk with all the coaches, but he said he will get a hold of them very soon in what will be another very exciting conversation.

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"I'll do that tomorrow. Coach Pat [Washington] was at a game so I'll talk to Coach [Gary] Pinkel and Coach Pat [Washington] tomorrow," he said.
Since Adams' teammate, wide receiver Thomas Richard , committed to Mizzou on April 28 there had been some thought that Adams' decision would follow fairly quickly. That notion turned out to be correct with some major help from Richard himself.
"I knew [committing] was right for me, but the fact that Thomas was already committed was a huge bonus. I consider Thomas... we both consider each other our brothers. So when he committed he just started talking to me. Just kept talking. It was kind of like that nag in your ear, but I loved it because he was showing passion for Mizzou. I told him yesterday I thought I was going to [commit] and I've never seen anyone so excited in my life. When I was on the phone with Coach Henson I think he was more nervous than I was. He was like shaking a little bit and I was just so excited," said Adams.
With the decision made the only question remaining is how solid of a commitment does Adams consider himself?
"I'm not going to any camps. I'm not going anywhere else. I'm a 100% Mizzou commit," Adams stated emphatically.