Mo Ready to Go

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There are a handful of Missouri Tigers who have a chance to be taken in the first round of this year's NFL draft. William Moore is one of the most widely projected possibilities. talked to the former Tiger safety, who has spent the last few weeks working out in Arizona. Walk me through your typical day at this point.
William Moore: "We go two times a day, wake up first session is at 830, usually just go through speed technique, get a good lift in, take a break. Then we come back at 230, do the same things. Second time take it down a little bit, focus on technique." Where's your health right now?
WM: "I'm 100%, ready to roll, that's my main focus." How important is this week for you?
WM: "Very important, but I felt I wouldn't let it be a lot of pressure, that can only make me nervous. I know it's very important, but I know I'll do well." What do you think you need to show people this week?
WM:: "I think in my position drills, as far as I've heard the linebacker talk, but personally I know I will be one of the best safeties in the NFL. I'm gonna work hard enough to do that." Will you do everything at the combine or are there certain drills you'll skip?
WM:: "As of now, I'm doing everything." When are you leaving for the combine?
WM:: "I'm not going till Saturday because the defensive backs are last." Do you get any real sense of where you stand as far as when you might be drafted and which teams are really serious?
WM: "As of right now, everyone's got a good understanding, but things could change a lot after this weekend. I've got certain teams showing a lot of interest. Atlanta, New Orleans, Philly, they showed a lot of interest when I talked to them." I assume you don't care, you just want a shot...
WM: "That's me, that's a good attitude to have. I'm blessed to be in this position to show that I can go play. I really don't care at all." Your home town (Hayti) isn't exactly a hotbed for professional athletes. Do you have any sense of how important it is to people back home when they hear your name called on draft day?
WM: "Man, it's probably just the whole city will shut down. It's big. No one ever came out of the area, let alone to get a D1 scholarship, that was big enough. I know there's a lot of people happy to see me and can't wait for that day. I know whatever team takes me is going to have a whole lot of new fans." With six of you at the combine and two or three other guys having a legitimate shot at getting drafted or picked up, there's a decent chance a couple of you might get to continue your careers together. Is that something any of you guys talk about?
WM: "A lot. You know I'm working out with Chase Coffman, that'd be good. That'd be beautiful have somebody that I played college with. We'll better each other, I know that, especially if I go with somebody like J-Mac on the opposite side of the ball, we'll work to make each other better every day in practice."
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