PowerMizzou - Newcomer Q&A: Angel Matute
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Newcomer Q&A: Angel Matute


Throughout the spring, we're talking to the new faces on campus for the Tigers. Here's our chat with offensive lineman Angel Matute.

Take me through your recruiting and how you ended up at Mizzou late in the process.

"Coach (Brad) Davis came and contacted me late and kind of hit it off. Person I love playing for right now so it' something I'm blessed to be a part of."

Other than it being in the SEC and a Power Five program, what sold you on Missouri?

"Just the family environment. Just everybody was so welcoming. It's a family here for real. It's really nice."

What are your expectations coming in year one?

"Compete every day. Just earn my spot. If it happens, it happens. If not, just get after it every day, try and make this team better overall."

What position do they have you working at?

"I've been playing behind YaYa (Yasir Durant) at left tackle."

You were a quarterback in high school. Do you feel like you're still learning offensive line or have you been doing it long enough now that you're pretty comfortable?

"I'm still learning. I'm comfortable and learning at the same time. So much to learn. I've only been playing (OL) for six, seven months now. I've been switched over since August of last year so, I mean, it's been awesome learning every day, trying to get better every day. I'm really looking forward to it."

Who is it other than coach Davis you've leaned on to learn everything here?

"Shoot, everybody. Trev (Tre'Vour Wallace-Simms), YaYa, Trystan (Castillo). I lived with Trystan my first week out here so we talk a lot of ball and it was a good time."

What's the biggest adjustment from the level of football you've played the last couple of years?

"Just the strength of guys. Just getting strong, getting in the weight room. That will come with time. That's the biggest thing."

How about off the field getting used to Columbia. How different is it?

"It's pretty different. Colder for sure than California. But I love it. I enjoy it every day."