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Ohio QB likes mizzou

Matt Thompson has dealt with a lot during his high school life and picking a school is just one more thing to think about.
The class of 2014 QB moved from North Carolina to Ohio during the middle of last year because of his father's job, something he said was difficult to deal with at first.
"It was definitely an adjustment for me," Thompson said. "I had to learn a whole new system and get comfortable with a new set of coaches and teammates. But honestly once I got going, everything started to go smoothly."
Thompson has received no offers but has drawn interest from Ball State, Toledo, Air Force, Kent State, Akron, Harvard, Cornell, Princeton, Yale, Lehigh, and Missouri. He plays a spread/pistol style offense at his new high school just like his old high school giving him something in relation to Missouri. He attended one of Mizzou's spring practices and says that the interest from them could increase when the season begins.
"I talked to Coach Pinkel for a little bit and he said they just want to see me play a couple of games in the fall," Thompson said.
Thompson's decision won't come for a while because he wants to have offers and options, but he says that it'll come down to either Missouri or one of the Ivy League schools.
"I want to go to a school that not only has good academics, but somewhere I'll have to play," Thompson said.
However, Thompson said that he would sacrifice an elite education at a school like Harvard or Yale for a chance to play under the spotlight at Missouri. And with the Tigers playing the best competition in all of college football.
"If it is a chance to play in the SEC, I would have to say that would be pretty tempting," Thompson said. "Education is important, but playing in the premiere conference in college football is something is tough to pass up."