PowerMizzou QA: WR Jason Ray

Sign up for your Ultimate Ticket today How is the recovery from the broken collarbone coming?
Jason Ray: The bone is still healing, it's gonna be a pretty long process, but I mean, right now I'm just not getting any contact. As far as running and conditioning, everything is pretty much 100 percent in that aspect. As far as taking a blow, right now, it's a little iffy.
PM: Is the possibility of getting a year back a factor in whether you'll play in a bowl game?
JR: I don't know. That's something I haven't really discussed with the coaches or anything. Right now, I'm just trying to focus on just preparing as if I would play just in case it would come up. The medical redshirt is something I'd have to look at and something that would come at the end of my eligibility. I'm just taking it day by day just to see what happens.
PM: How much time will you take off after the game?
JR: We get a little bit of time off, I believe, after the bowl game and before we start winter conditioning so just within that time as far as conditioning and getting stronger, we won't be doing any contact stuff. That will give me even more time for this to be 100 percent. The way I see it, I would like to be 100 percent coming back to help my team rather than coming back prematurely. I don't really want to do that because I want to be ready and give 100 percent when I'm playing.