Practice report: Down the home stretch

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The Missouri Tigers got back to the practice field the day after their second fall scrimmage. Weather put Missouri indoors for an hour-and-a-half long workout in shorts and helmets. keeps you up-to-date:
*No official revised depth chart will be released until after the final fall scrimmage, which will take place on Thursday. We did check out the stretch lines, which are a good guideline (though not foolproof) as to figuring out the depth. Here is what we saw:
It looks like Carl Gettis would start the season opener at corner opposite Darnell Terrell if the game was tomorrow. Gettis appears to have moved ahead of Paul Simpson.
Derrick Washington still appears to be behind Earl Goldsmith and Jimmy Jackson. At this point, the only conclusion you can draw is that Washington is likely headed for a redshirt unless he makes a big impression in the last week of camp.
After picking off two passes in yesterday's scrimmage, it looked as if Trey Hobson had moved past LaRoderick Thomas at corner. Hobson is still third and extremely unlikely to play this season though.
At the other corner, Kevin Rutland is currently fourth-string behind Gettis, Simpson and Tremane Vaughns. Add in the injured Hardy Ricks and Rutland, who was a player whose name we heard a lot last year, looks to be a fifth-teamer at this point. That is a little surprising.
*On the injury front, linebackers Michael Keck and Marquis Booker were both in red bibs. Keck strained his shoulder in yesterday's scrimmage, but there was no word on Booker officially.
*Following a Friday car accident, J.P. Tillman was back at practice full strength.
*The defense had the early edge in seven-on-seven. Justin Garrett made a nice early interception and some of his teammates followed suit.
*Gilbert Moye grabbed a pick after Chase Patton threw a little high and his pass went off Chase Coffman's hands.
*Mack Breed got a pick that went off Blake May's hands and Keck's helmet.
*William Moore nabbed a one-handed interception of Chase Daniel.
*Van Alexander also picked off a deflected pass.
*One other note from drills, it appears that Del Howard may have moved into the nickel spot formerly manned by Garrett. I'll keep an eye on that this week.
*Play of the Day: During one-on-one drills for the linemen, Andy Maples beat Ryan Madison. The play drew huge cheers from the defensive linemen, and even the offensive players. O-Line coach Dave Christensen hollered, "His first victory!" and gave Maples a high five. Apparently, it was the first time Maples had won a matchup in the one-on-one drills.
Mizzou will return to the practice field on Tuesday at 3:30. The Tigers are off Monday for the first day of classes.
This is just a sample of the type of coverage you will get every day throughout camp. Click here to start your free trial