Redshirt Report: A.J. Logan

Throughout spring football, is talking to players that took a redshirt for the Tigers last season. Today, our chat with defensive tackle A.J. Logan.
PowerMizzou: Coach Pinkel has talked about this whole group of defensive linemen and how excited he is since last fall. All you guys coming in together, do you all help each other out and work together?
A.J. Logan: "Yeah, yeah. We're all really deep and we're all really talented so we complement each other well. We're out there together and we can all play. We're all out there on the field and fighting for the position so it's good competition for spring ball."
PM: You've got guys from all over. What's it like playing college football a mile and a half from where you played high school football?

AJL: "It's fun. It's good to go home on the weekends and rest your head in your own bed, see my family, my son. It's great to be in town."
PM: With Matt (Hoch) out do you guys view this as a good chance to turn some heads?

AJL: "We viewed it like that the whole time (as a chance). With him going out its a downer but we don't view it any differently. We are still gonna compete the way we've been competing and try to get better."
PM: Who are the guys at your position that have really helped you out the last year?

AJL: "Louie V (Lucas Vincent), Harold Brantley, my roommate Q (DeQuinton Osborne). They all kind of help me out on the line with my pass rush and stuff. Coach Kul's an excellent coach too so he helps me getting better with the pass rush."
PM: For fans that haven't seen you play what stands out about your game?
AJL: "I think it's pretty obvious I'm a run-stopper. I love stopping the run. I'm working on the pass rush and I'm getting better. I'm getting a lot better actually, but I love stuffing the run."
PM: Is that your big focus this spring, just pass rush moves?
AJL: "Yeah, yeah. I'm pretty solid with the run."
PM: Who on the team has the pass rush that you want?

AJL: "Man, I don't know. We've all got different pass rushes, we all do our own thing so I'm just trying to find my own right now."
PM: Pretty decent one standing behind you so maybe Sheldon Richardson can teach you some things?
AJL: "That'd be a good one to pick up from."
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