Spring QA: Trey Hobson

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Few players who redshirted last season have been as talked about as cornerback Trey Hobson. During Thursday's practice, Hobson had two interceptions, and leads all corners in picks this spring. caught up with Hobson to talk about spring ball and his goals for 2008. Pretty good day today, huh?
Trey Hobson: "Yeah, every day, I'm just trying to get better and learn. There's a lot of new things for me to do, but I'm just trying to make sure I work hard so I can get all those plays in my head so I can just go out and play."
PM: You guys keep track of interceptions during the spring?
TH: "Yeah, we've got the juice board in the room and I should be leading that right now after today. I know I can make plays. I just need to get the mental part down so I can go out there and play and that's what I'm learning right now."
PM: How close did you come to playing last year?
TH: "It was awful close. I don't think they redshirted me until like the fifth game of the season. There was a possible chance I could have played, but you know, after doing that, I'm glad I didn't because I had a lot to learn. I didn't want to get out there and embarrass myself. I'm just working hard to try to be able to contribute this year."
PM: Where do you feel like you made the most progress last year?
TH: "Well, first of all, physically, I think I got more athletic and stronger. That's the most important. Also mentally, and I'm still working on that right now. When you don't know the mental aspect of the game, it's kind of hard to go out and relax and play and I think that's what I'm trying to work on right now. I think I can get better at that, studying film, the playbook and everything."
PM: Who was it, outside of coach Ford, who you learned the most from?
TH: "Carl Gettis, man. Carl Gettis is a mastermind on the field and I take a lot of tips from him. He's really smart and I learned a lot from him. It's more mental than physical and from him I learned a lot. I get a lot from Carl and Castine's a good big brother too."
PM: That's kind of unusual isn't it? You're learning from a guy your age that came in in the same recruiting class.
TH: "He's actually a year older than me. I'm 18. I don't turn 19 till August 11th, I'm just young from my age, but yeah, I learned a lot from Carl. Carl's more mature than his age. He's kind of like a veteran already, so I learned a lot from him."
PM: What's your goal for this year personally? Is starting realistic?
TH: "Absolutely. I love my teammates, but that's my goal. I'm trying to start, I'm trying to make plays. I want what's best for the team and I love my teammates, but I'm trying to work hard and earn that spot."
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Nobody covers spring football like We will be at every workout. To get complete coverage 365 days a year, click here to start your free trial today!