Spring review: Tigers have backfield overload

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Entering the spring, we took a guess at what would happen at the tailback position for Missouri. Well, we thought we had an idea, but now, we've got almost no idea.
The top tailback coming into spring didn't get a single carry. The backup, who had become the starter, missed the last week with an injury. The red shirt freshman we thought could turn the whole thing upside down put the ball on the ground way too much. Where does that leave things? We'll take a shot at it:

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The starter: We're going to go with Marcus Woods here, at lest to start August camp. Before Woods got hurt, he wasn't just having the best spring of any tailback, he was having the best spring of anybody on the team. Yes, he's got to prove he can stay healthy, but he was playing very, very well.
The backup: It's got to be Jimmy Jackson. The kid just impresses every single time he touches the ball. In fact, it wouldn't be a big surprise if Jackson starts the summer as the starter. He just produces.
Fall preview: If you thought the spring was close, wait till August. Five guys are going to be competing for two spots. We haven't even mentioned Earl Goldsmith, who averaged nearly seven yards a carry in the Black and Gold game. We won't even predict what happens here. At least three tailbacks will get considerable carries in the fall, and a fourth will play. But who is the starter? No idea.
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