St. Pius back impresses in St. Louis

One of the standouts at Missouri's one-day camp in St. Louis on Sunday was St. Pius X tailback Carlos Bisch.
Bisch showed off good speed and some smooth moves in the running back agility drills.
While he may not be a household name to recruiting fans just yet, college coaches are well aware of Bisch.
"So far, I'm hearing from Missouri, Kansas, Kansas State, Arkansas, Indiana," Bisch told on Sunday.
Bisch ran a 4.5 in the 40-yard dash on Sunday and he thinks his speed is one of the attributes that is getting him noticed.
"I think my speed, I have a great deal of it," Bisch said. "And I'm pretty good at cutting when I run."
Bisch ran for 1,386 yards as a junior, averaging 6.48 per carry. He also led St. Pius with 13 touchdowns. He is in no rush to make his eventual college choice.
"I'd like to pick the college that's right for me. No pressure to it, because I don't want to make a decision fast and then go there and not enjoy it," said the 5-foot-11 Bisch. "I'm just looking everywhere, I don't have any favorites."
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