PowerMizzou - Summer Sessions: Jordan Clarkson
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Summer Sessions: Jordan Clarkson

The Missouri basketball team has been back on campus working out for about three weeks now in preparation for the 2013-14 season. Over the next couple of weeks, PowerMizzou.com will speak with every scholarship member of the team. We continue our question and answer sessions with the Tigers today with junior Jordan Clarkson.
PowerMizzou: Did you get a chance to go home after school or have you been in Columbia the whole time?
Jordan Clarkson: "I've been around the whole time, really. Just working on my game, staying in the gym."
PM: How long does it seem like it's been since you had a chance to play a basketball game?
JC: "Seems like it's been forever. But this time really went by fast considering all the time we spent in the gym with the coaches and my time working on my game. So I feel like it went by fast."
PM: What do you feel like you really improved on your game while you sat out and where do you still want to get better this summer?
JC: "I feel like I improved on my ballhandling, really on the defensive end too, running around with Phil every day and guarding him. Really worked on my shot, just being more consistent with it and getting it off faster. What I'm working on is just making the right plays, really. Coming off screens, hitting the right man at the right time and stuff like that."
PM: Depending on who you talk to, they describe you as a big point guard that can play off the ball or a shooting guard that can play the point. Which one is it?
JC: "I'm not even sure. I'd probably take big point that can play off the ball too. I feel I can do both. I'm comfortable playing off the ball and on the ball. I feel I can get into the lane, make my teammates better and I can score just because of my size and my ability to get my shot off. It kind of goes both ways."
PM: You've got a couple of young point guards here. What do you see out of Wes Clark and Shane Rector?
JC: "Both of them dudes are real tough. Wes, being from Detroit, them dudes is tough and they grind. I love his passion for the game. Then Shane, coming out of New York, that area, both of them play tough. Wes, I feel like he's really good."
PM: Not to disrespect Tulsa, but do you notice a difference even in practice in the level of basketball here versus your first couple of years?
JC: "Yeah. My first couple months it was kind of a transition period because we could actually do stuff cause they were going on that Euro trip. It was a transition from the speed of the game and the physicality. I feel like I'm ready now being in the weight room with TP all the time, putting on weight, getting stronger. I feel like the time is right now."
PM: I know it's still six months away, but how anxious are you?
JC: "I'm real anxious, man. I'm ready. It ain't anxious, I'm just excited. I'm just ready to get out there and play in front of some people and get out there with my teammates, man."
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