LARAMIE, WY--Somebody's got to get Barry Odom a new calendar. If you could somehow convince the Missouri head coach that it was always November, maybe things like Saturday night would quit happening.

Mizzou lost 37-31 to Wyoming last night. An 18-point favorite, the Tigers' biggest road spread in 10 years, Mizzou looked every bit of that for the first eight minutes. Mizzou glided down the field on each of its first two possessions and held Wyoming to 13 total yards on the Cowboys' first two chances with the ball. It was all going so well. And then, ...

This was supposed to be the year Odom didn't face plant in the first half of the season. His first team had a lot of holes and opened on the road at West Virginia. In the last three years, Missouri has faced a front-loaded schedule that has had Alabama, Auburn, West Virginia, South Carolina and Georgia constantly in the first six games. But this year didn't. The opener was against a team the Tigers had beaten by 27 points (in a game that wasn't that close) a year ago. Then a down West Virginia team with a new coach, SEMO, a South Carolina team that lost to Mack Brown v2.0, Ole Miss, Kentucky and Vanderbilt.

This was the year. They could be 8-0 going to Georgia. Could? Hell, many thought they should be 8-0 going to Georgia. And then who knows?

That all crashed and burned when Kelly Bryant's fourth and 11 pass didn't miraculously find its way between three Wyoming defenders to Johnathon Johnson and the Tigers lost to the Cowboys.