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Ten Thoughts for Monday Morning


1) Missouri's football season is finished and that's fine. I'm glad they played. I'm glad they got ten games in. I feel bad for the kids who wanted to play one more game who won't get to. But I don't view the fact that we won't get to see the 2020 TransPerfect Music City Bowl as one of this year's greater hardships. Considering everything that went into getting this far, I think a lot of people are okay with it being over. I said before the bowls that I didn't think there was any need to have most of them and I still feel that way. It was a weird disjointed season all along, so why shouldn't it end in some weird way where it really ended a week before we realized it was over?

2) Let's be clear: Letting players go home for Christmas isn't what caused this. All the reporting and everything Eli Drinkwitz said yesterday points to the Mississippi State trip as the root of this. And that would make sense because that was nine days ago and would fall within the generally accepted time frame for symptoms to start showing up. Players went home for Christmas Monday and were back on Friday night and the chances that tests on Saturday morning would reveal extensive problems from players going home aren't very high. So the idea that the players going home for Christmas caused them the bowl game is misguided. All that said, here was the best thing Drinkwitz said yesterday:

And the congregation said, AMEN. Look, I like football a lot. I have a job because of college football. It has provided a good life for my family and opportunities for my children. But it's football. It's a diversion. I've been impressed with the reaction from Missouri fans which has largely been "I wish they could have played, but I'm not going to freak out about it." Iowa fans, from what I've seen, handled it...less well. Maybe that's the difference between losing a game you expect your team to win and losing one you expect it to lose. I don't know. But, again, it's the Music City Bowl between two average to above average football teams who were going to be without most of the best players in the game. What are we really missing out on here?

3) Here's the thing I like most about Drinkwitz. He seems to be a reasonable human being who has a pretty good handle and outlook on things:


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