PowerMizzou - Ten Thoughts for Monday Morning
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Ten Thoughts for Monday Morning


1) Let's start here: They're playing football in the SEC this fall. I'm pretty confident they're playing it everywhere, but I'm certain they're playing it in the SEC. That's the first time I've been able to say that in two and a half months. The clearance to bring players back to campus two weeks from today and all the public statements and sentiment we've seen make it clear they're playing. They have to play. College sports legitimately cannot survive if we don't have a season. A truncated (that means shorter for those that need help) season makes it tough, but athletic departments cannot survive. Without a season, they legitimately can't. You'd be seeing ADs fold left and right, even big ones that you think are immune to that sort of thing. I'll get back to this point in a minute.

2) As for what the season will look like, that's still a question. Ross Dellenger (who along with Pat Forde has done a great job getting actual information throughout this thing as opposed to just throwing out opinions) wrote an article on what camp could look like. The upshot is that everyone is going to need two weeks of NFL style OTA's and at least four weeks of camp. That means you've got to be on campus six weeks before your season can start. There are places that might not be able to get to campus by July 15 (the more or less drop dead date for an on time start to the season). That means you might see some early season games cancelled and some schedules changed. They're going to play, but it just might not be on time and it might not be 12 games for everyone.

3) Honestly, it might not be 12 games for anyone. Here's the one question nobody can answer: What happens when we start seeing people involved with these football programs test positive?


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