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Ten Thoughts for Monday Morning

We want to thank Berkshire Hathaway Stein & Summers for continuing to be a partner and sponsoring the thoughts for another year. This is one of our most popular features each week and we appreciate Stein & Summers continuing to work with us.

1) Mizzou's athletes are back on campus and so far as we know everything is good. We told you last week there really wasn't going to be much information coming out. Missouri chose not to release the number of positive tests it had (if any). Players are working out, both in the weight room and out on the field doing some conditioning. I happened to see some of them doing their own work over at Rock Bridge's field over the weekend. So they're doing things. But as far as whether there's anyone not participating or anything like that, I don't really know.

2) Across the country, there are some places where players are having to sign risk acknowledgements before working out. I don't point this out to say there's anything wrong with it. It's probably smart. But it is interesting. College sports is in a tough place. It HAS to have football happen. It can't happen without some risks involved. The players don't get paid and can't exactly be forced to participate. But a BIG part of this (and whether fans can come back) is liability. No program wants to be the first one to have a kid get this and die and get sued for it (Save the "this doesn't impact 20 year olds...I agree it's unlikely a college football player dies from this. But it's not impossible. And as long as it's not impossible, there's some risk of liability if it does). So this protects the programs. You come here and lift in our facility, we're going to do everything we can to make sure this doesn't happen, but there's no way we can promise you it doesn't happen so by signing this you're telling us we aren't responsible if it does happen. I'm told Mizzou players signed something that acknowledged safety protocols and saying that they wouldn't come to the facility if they were feeling sick. I don't think waiver is the right word, but this sound more like something that said "I understand the process in place to minimize the risk to everyone involved." I think the same thing is going to happen with fans. Whether it's a waiver you have to sign when you receive tickets, whether it's printed with tickets, whatever, I won't be at all surprised to see any fan who wants to go to a game have to acknowledge something that says "I understand by going to the game I risk contracting COVID-19 and if I do I promise not to sue school X and hold them responsible."

3) The NCAA set the calendar recommendations for practice last week. For teams starting September 5, which is almost everyone, interaction with coaches (the equivalent of NFL OTA's) can begin on July 13 and fall camp can open on August 7. It would be my guess this is when Missouri will do those things. The calendar has to receive final approval from the NCAA Council on Wednesday, but it would be surprising if that didn't happen.

4) College athletes continue to make their voices heard.


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