PowerMizzou - Ten Thoughts for Monday Morning
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Ten Thoughts for Monday Morning


1) We made it to game week. There were a lot of times most of us thought we wouldn't, but the next Saturday on the calendar now features SEC football. It doesn't seem like football season yet because the team we follow hasn't played. But it will now. We'll do actual game previews and talk about an opponent and watch a football game on Saturday (we're almost positive of that, more in a minute). We've said all summer there are two goals: First, start the season. Second, finish the season. We're about to hit that first benchmark. Then the attention will turn to hitting the second one.

2) So, we're pretty sure Missouri is going to play Alabama...but there is some concern. Eli Drinkwitz told us last week that at least 12 Missouri players were out for the game due to COVID protocols (that doesn't include two opt outs and we aren't sure if it includes players who are just injured traditionally). We don't know who the players are and we almost certainly won't find out before the team takes the field for warmups and Mitchell looks at who isn't there (this will be a weekly exercise in games we are actually in attendance). I believe the bigger issue than the total number of players out is the position protocols. You have to have a quarterback, you have to have four defensive linemen and you have to have seven offensive linemen. I think that's a bigger question mark than if they can put 53 players out there on Saturday. What I don't know is if you could do something like call Brendan Scales an offensive lineman for a week. Obviously it's not ideal...but you'd rather have a tight end as your seventh offensive lineman than have to skip a game I would think.

3) The most interesting COVID related theme throughout the season will be the different approaches taken by different coaches.


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