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The long road to the SEC

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Over the last two months, conference realignment has dominated the daily headlines. has covered the story extensively. Many of our updates were posted on our premium message board. However, we wrote a number of stories available for public consumption as well. With the Tigers now in the SEC, we have put all of our stories together so fans can retrace the steps that led the Tigers out of the Big 12 and into the Southeastern Conference.
September 20: All signs point South
September 22: Leaders talk, but say little
September 28: Commentary: It's Time to Go
September 29: Impact on Recruiting in Texas
October 3: Big 12 commissioner Neinas addresses Mizzou
October 4: Missouri will explore its options
October 4: Powered Up: Not long for the Big 12
October 4: VIDEO: Missouri looking around
October 6: Big 12 invites TCU, what's next for Mizzou?
October 18: Moving Day Approaches
October 20: Closure coming soon?
October 20: Curators appease KC, take no action
October 21: Next move belongs to Deaton
October 21: VIDEO: One step closer
October 23: Next Step Awaits
October 25: Deaton speaks, Mizzou in limbo
October 25: Deaton offers details after Big 12 meeting
October 28: The path is clear
November 5: SEC Coming to Town
November 6: Long time coming, Tigers in SEC
November 6: Welcome to the SEC
November 6: A New Frontier
November 6: Where they've been, Where they're going
November 6: VIDEO: A Warm Welcome
November 6: COMMENTARY: Burden now on the fans
Nobody has covered conference realignment like Over the coming days and weeks, we will continue to blanket every angle of the Tigers' move to the Southeastern Conference. If you are not yet a member, just try out our free trial.