Washingtons career over for Tigers

At least as far as the football team is concerned, the Derrick Washington saga is over. The University announced on Wednesday morning that Washington will not return to the program.
The statement read: "Derrick Washington has been permanently suspended from the University of Missouri football program. Nothing about this decision will affect his existing athletic scholarship as long as he remains enrolled at Mizzou.
The University will have no further comments on the topic."
Washington was initially suspended last Thursday for undisclosed disciplinary reasons. It came out later that day that Washington had been accused of deviate sexual assault, a Class C Felony. Washington was officially charged on Monday.
Head coach Gary Pinkel called the charges "a very serious matter" on Monday, but did not comment further. He did say, when asked about the impact of losing Washington on the field, "I don't think that's real important. We move 'em over, move 'em up. That's what we do and there's no excuses."
Missouri opens the season on Saturday morning against Illinois in St. Louis. Sophomore Kendial Lawrence will start at tailback.