White talks Missouri

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Last year, LB George White made a surprise switch from Michigan State to Missouri on signing day. Afterwards, White found himself enrolled at Harmony Prep in Cincinnati, OH. With the season nearing the end, White said he was grateful for what he had learned over the past few games.
"It's been going well up here," said White. "We've got one more game so it's almost done. We're 3-3 on the season. We only play 7 games so it's a little bit shorter season. I changed from LB to DE. I think for never having played before, I've been playing all right. I know it isn't my best because I'm just learning, but I'll get there."

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White said that learning a new position hasn't been the biggest adjustment for him this year. He said he knew it was clichéd to say it, but he realized the biggest change he had to endure was the change in the speed of the game.
"The speed is so different," said White. "Everyone here can run and everyone's the same size. Last year, there were guys I could just throw out of the way because I was bigger and stronger, but I can't do that now. I think it's going to be a whole lot easier for me next year when I don't have to make quite as big of a transition with the size and speed of the game."
With the end of the season coming up, White has been in growing contact with his recruiter from Missouri, Cornell Ford. White said that he has enjoyed talking with Ford over the past few months and always looked forward to their talks.
"Yeah, I'll call him sometimes and he came up to the school and talked with Rolandis Woodland and me after one of our games," said White. "He's just been asking me how my grades are and how school is going. We've just talked a lot of regular stuff between and coach and a player. It's been pretty relaxed."
White said that over the past few months, he and Woodland had become good friends at Harmony. The two have talked often about their future in Columbia and White joked that Woodland wouldn't let him end up anywhere else.
"It's been pretty nice having Rolandis there," said White. "He's been asking me every day if I've talked to Missouri and he and I are really excited about getting to Columbia. I don't think he'll let me end up anywhere else."
While he waits to get to Columbia, White has enjoyed watching the Tigers play on TV. He's been encouraged with what he's seen, especially out of the defense in the past few weeks.
"They're having a great season," said White. "Even though they lost one game, they'll get a great bowl this year and they're making a lot of noise around the country. They're making plays all over the place. They're fast and shutting the other team down. The linebackers are awesome. I watch Sean Weatherspoon all the time to watch him play and I love watching him make plays."
In the meantime, White said he is going to just focus on finishing out the semester. He hoped that in January he would be able to start getting a leg up on others who may join him in the class of 2008.
"I'm committed to Missouri," said White. "I'll be up there in January to start classes and get a head start on some of the other guys coming in by being there for spring ball. I can't wait to get up there because I get to start growing up and I get to be a part of a great team in Missouri."
This is just a sample of the type of coverage you will get every day during the Tiger season. Click here to start your free PowerMizzou.com trial