PowerMizzou - Newcomer Q&A: Darius Robinson
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Newcomer Q&A: Darius Robinson


Spring football has begun for Missouri, and with it 10 new players who enrolled early have begun practicing with the team. We will introduce you to all 10 throughout the course of the spring. Today, we start with defensive tackle Darius Robinson. The true freshman out of Michigan discusses what drew him to Missouri, the size he's added since arriving on campus and his goals for this year.

Freshman Darius Robinson (right) said he has gained 17 pounds since arriving on Missouri's campus.
Freshman Darius Robinson (right) said he has gained 17 pounds since arriving on Missouri's campus. (Jordan Kodner)

Question: Brick Haley told us that the night before Signing Day, he was on the phone with you late. What were the factors that went into your decision?

Darius Robinson: “He was always the same person when he recruited me, from the beginning towards the recruiting period, some coaches tend to act a little different, but coach Haley always was real with me, and I appreciate that. I love it so much here and I’m just grateful that this staff is excellent in the way that they recruited me, and I’m glad to be here.”

Q: What’s been the biggest adjustment since you got on campus?

DR: “As far as football, I would probably say just learning everything, because in high school, my high school, it was like, either I go here or here. Now, in college, there’s so much more. And as far as academics, probably just managing my time. Because they do a great job of scheduling our stuff, so it’s just make sure I’m being productive during that time.”

Q: I know you’re playing tackle here. Did you play tackle in high school as well as end?

DR: “I played tackle and end and stand up in high school. I knew playing tackle would be a good fit for me, because I know I can be a good athlete and if I keep working on my technique and my game I can be a great athlete on the inside. You know, there’s definitely an adjustment, getting a little bit bigger than now, but I’m excited and just keep working.”

Q: Have they given you a number as far as a weight they want you to get to or anything like that?

DR: “Not really. I’ve gained 17 pounds since I’ve been here. I came in at 260, now I’m about 277, and just eating. They feed us well.”

Q: You have some experienced guys to look up to on the defensive line. Have any teammates in particular been helpful so far?

DR: “Really all my teammates. Jordan Elliott, Kobie (Whiteside), (Markell) Utsey, Tyrell (Jacobs), all of them. They really open and just trying to teach me the ways and different things, because I told them the system I came from in high school is so different from here. I’m just grateful they’re my teammates.”

Q: I know we have a few months to go before the games actually start, but what are your goals for your freshman season?

DR: “My goal would be freshman all-SEC. That’s just something I think of really highly. ... I have to have a work ethic in the classroom and on the field to achieve that. And just enjoy our season. Have a winning season, because team is first, so just have a winning season and if I do my job, certain things will come with it.”