PowerMizzou - Ten Thoughts for Monday Morning
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Ten Thoughts for Monday Morning


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1) There will be some movement this week on the football recruiting front. There are multiple players committed privately who are not committed publicly. Again, it doesn't mean much until it's public. Many coaches don't even put commitments on the board until it's stated publicly because too much can happen. We expect at least one commitment to become public this week and possibly more. We wait for the video guys to finish their jobs.

2) Speaking of which, I came across this last night:

No. Emphatically no. Kevin Durant is a grown ass man making millions of dollars. Reporters owe him absolutely nothing to let him make an announcement on his company Instagram channel. As soon as they have that news, they run with it.It's different with a 17 year old high school kid. This isn't national news. Most people don't know who these kids are. So let them have their moment in the sun, announcing their commitment on Twitter, before we break a story (even though we very often know beforehand what's going to happen). I'm amazed someone would think that a reporter would owe it to KD to wait.

3) In Mizzou related free agency news

There may not be a more perfect marriage of player and organization. DC just works his ass off every single day and squeezes every drop out of what he's got. There's not a single basketball skill in which I would say DeMarre is the best Mizzou player I've seen. In fact, I'm not sure there's a single skill I'd put him in the top three. Except for his motor. I don't think I've been around a Mizzou player who put more into being good than he did and does. This will be his 11th season in the NBA. Most forget (as I had) that it didn't really look like it was going to be nearly that many. After playing 71 games for the Grizzlies as a rookie, Carroll played in 16 games and scored a TOTAL of 22 points over the year and a half with the Grizzlies, Rockets and Nuggets. For all intents and purposes, he was probably done. But he appeared in 20 games with the Jazz in year four, 66 in year five and has played in at least 67 games in five of the six years since, averaging at least 25 minutes, scoring double digit points five of the six years and getting five or more rebounds in four of the six. He's made himself a hell of an NBA career. If he plays two more seasons, he will match the 14 year career of Anthony Peeler. Their numbers are very very similar.