PowerMizzou - Ten Thoughts for Monday Morning
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Ten Thoughts for Monday Morning

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1) Let's start with football and we'll move to hoops. The last spot on the staff is the offensive line coach. We expect that's either wrapped up or will be shortly. We do not know who it will be at this point in time. Like we told you about the other position coaches, we really aren't qualified most of the time to say it's good, bad or indifferent. Many of these guys we haven't even heard of before they're hired, so it's going to be who it's going to be. I'd definitely expect it to be announced sometime this week, but I don't have a definite timetable.

2) The focus is obviously going to be recruiting. There's been a lot of talk about Montra Edwards. Keeping Brick Haley was big with him. There is definite reason to feel good and we wouldn't be surprised to see a commitment any day now. That said, he'll still likely take a couple more visits before signing day so the announcement may not mark the end of the road. The other one we're watching closely is Ennis Rakestraw, who Sean wrote about this morning. Chance Luper is also visiting this month and with his father on staff, we'd think it would be a surprise if he didn't end up here. That's three spots. It leaves probably around seven more. If I'm remembering correctly, Eli Drinkwitz wants an offensive lineman, a skill position player, a DB and a defensive lineman at least. We expect them maybe to leave a couple spots open for potential transfers.

3) Speaking of transfers, there haven't been any at this point.