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Updated Basketball Scholarship Chart


With plenty of roster movement over the last few weeks, we take a moment to refresh everyone's memory on Mizzou's scholarship situation in basketball.

Players are listed in their graduation year if they were to spend all four years in college. Obviously, that will not necessarily be the case with all of them.

Mizzou Basketball Scholarship Chart
2019 2020 2021 2022 Committed

K. Puryear

R. Nikko

Mitchell Smith

X. Pinson

M. McKinney

J. Geist

J. Tilmon

T. Watson

T. Jackson

K.J. Santos

J. Pickett

D. Smith

C. Guess

J. Porter

M. Smith

OVERVIEW: Cullen VanLeer announced his medical retirement last month. He will stay on scholarship, but will not count against Missouri’s total, per NCAA rules.

Jontay Porter is listed in the 2021 column, but we expect he will come off the books following next year when he is almost certainly headed to the NBA. His knee injury could change that, but that is still our prediction as of today.

With the news that Mark Smith was cleared by the NCAA, we have moved him to the 2021 column as he has three years of eligibility remaining. If Dru Smith were to get cleared, he would be moved to 2020, but that has not occurred at this time.

We have not included recent commitment Parker Braun on the chart because he is not on scholarship for the upcoming season. He could go on scholarship for the 2019-20 season.

These moves mean Mizzou currently has 13 scholarship players, which is the NCAA limit. Assuming Porter goes pro after next season and his scholarship goes to Braun, the Tigers would have at least two scholarships available for the 2019 class. Those have been claimed by Mario McKinney and Tray Jackson. So technically, Missouri is full for the next class. But Braun is not a guarantee to get a scholarship and there is always attrition. We expect Missouri to add at least one more player in this recruiting class.