PowerMizzou - Updated Basketball Scholarship Chart
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Updated Basketball Scholarship Chart


With the news that Boogie Coleman is transferring and that Amari Davis is in the portal as well we update the Mizzou scholarship situation.

The table below has removed this year's seniors from the chart. For the time being, we have left each player in his original final year of eligibility. Though everyone in the first two classes, outside of Tre Gomillion, DeAndre Gholston and D'Moi Hodge, could theoretically stay in college for a year beyond the date listed, we are leaving the extra year of eligibility off for now. We explain the details here.

Missouri currently has 11 players on scholarship for the upcoming season. The Tigers are currently two below the NCAA limit for next year. The full breakdown is below.

Players are listed in their graduation year if they were to spend four years in college. Obviously, that will not necessarily be the case with all of them. An asterisk denotes a player that has an extra year of eligibility available due to COVID-19.

Mizzou Basketball Scholarship Chart
2023 2024 2025 Committed

*K. Brown

*R. DeGray III

K. Brown

A. Shaw

D. Hodge

*M. Diarra

D. Gholston

*N. Honor

T. Gomillion

*N. Carter

*S. East