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Updated Basketball Scholarship Chart


With plenty of roster movement over the last few weeks, we take a moment to refresh everyone's memory on Mizzou's scholarship situation in basketball.

Players are listed in their graduation year if they were to spend all four years in college. Obviously, that will not necessarily be the case with all of them.

Mizzou Basketball Scholarship Chart
2019 2020 2021 2022 Committed

C. VanLeer

R. Nikko

Mitchell Smith

X. Pinson

J. Geist

J. Tilmon

T. Watson

K. Puryear

K.J. Santos

J. Pickett

Mark Smith

OVERVIEW: We did not include Jontay Porter on this list. He has submitted his name for NBA Draft consideration, but has not hired an agent. He has until May 30th to return to the Tigers, though most do not expect him to do so. Were Porter to return, he would be in the 2021 column with Santos, Tilmon and Mitchell Smith. The scholarship limit is 13. That means if Porter does not return, Missouri still has two scholarships avaiable to use in the 2018 spring signing period. That period runs through May 16th.

If Missouri uses both of those scholarships on non-graduate transfers, Cuonzo Martin would have three available scholarships for the 2019 class. We find that unlikely. If Missouri uses both spots (and we aren't sure it will), we think one of them will go to a graduate transfer. That means the most likely number of scholarships available for 2019 right now is four.

On paper, Missouri has only one scholarship currently available in the Class of 2020. We do not expect that to remain the case.