PowerMizzou - Voice of the Fantlebury: Pete's top 10 of the 2010s
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Voice of the Fantlebury: Pete's top 10 of the 2010s


Over the last week, PowerMizzou took a look back at some of the highlights of the decade gone by. On the first day of 2020 Pete Scantlebury recounts some of his memories of the 2010s.

I had the pleasure of covering Missouri athletics for a little website you may be familiar with for at least some of the last decade. My first year on the beat for PowerMizzou.com was 2009 — my first big event was Signing Day 2009, where I covered the signing ceremonies of guys like TJ Moe and Ty Phillips back when signing ceremonies were actually still a thing.

I like to think that the success of Missouri’s football program has something to do with my presence. You’re welcome, fans, for the boon years of 2010, 2013 and 2014. I made my timely exit after the 2015 season.

COINCIDENCE? That’s for the men in the tinfoil hats to decide.

Gabe’s been putting together his decade-recap lists over the last few days, so I wanted to throw my size 7 ¾ New Era cap into the ring, too. However, knowing that if I tried to stick just to players or just to moments that our lists would likely overlap, I’m just going to give you my Top Ten Mizzou (or Mizzou-adjacent) things of the 2010s.

Pete’s favorite Mizzou (or Mizzou-adjacent) things of the 2010s

Tom Herman Schadenfreude: Watching Tom Herman’s tenure at Texas hit the skids this year was a personal triumph for me, after he (a grown man, a millionaire, a “leader of men”) mocked Drew Lock at the 2017 Texas Bowl. So, anything bad that happens to Herman (based on on-the-field results) is one of my favorite Mizzou-adjacent things of the 2010s.

The 2014 Missouri-Florida Football Game: There needs to be a six-part 30-for-30 documentary about this game. This was the most fun I’ve ever had covering a football game. Missouri had 119 total yards and won 42-13! Maty Mauk threw for 18 yards and Missouri won 42-13! Darvin Ruise (he who once stopped a linebackers drill during August camp to compliment my shirt, much to Dave Steckel’s chagrin) had a pick-six. It led to this quote, my favorite quote of all time. I have it etched in wood in my kitchen, much like the “Live. Laugh. Love” decor your mom has in hers.

The field rush against Oklahoma (2010): Back in those days, I would shoot video from the field during the game and then write afterwards. This was the first time I’d even been in the way of a true honest-to-goodness field-rushing moment, and it was both exciting and terrifying at the same time — trying to get not to get stampeded by the mass of people while also trying to shoot reaction video. I also briefly thought I saw a dog in a backpack on the field, only to later have that confirmed. I want to know where that dog is today.

The Press Box Proclamation after Mizzou 9, UConn 6: I really wish I could remember who said this in the press box. I think it was Gabe. Maybe it was Vahe — if someone who was there remembers, please let me know. After Missouri beat UConn at home in a child splashing fight, a member of the media said aloud in the press box: “Well, the good news is that we won’t see a game like that again this year.” Missouri would go on to lose to Georgia 9-6 and to Vanderbilt 10-3 that same season.

Missouri’s Big 12 Tournament Title, 2012: To be candid, it really sucks that the Norfolk State loss ruined the good vibes of the 2011-2012 Missouri basketball team. Its run in the Sprint Center capped off one of the best seasons in school history; it beat each of its three tournament opponents by at least 14 points. It also led to this awesome salt-in-the-wound photo opportunity.

Markus Golden: Not one moment, but Markus Golden was, by far, my favorite Missouri player to cover of all time. I remember when he re-committed to Missouri in junior college after he didn’t qualify out of high school -- this was after Missouri re-offered him -- and Golden said “Missouri is my home school and I love them. I’m coming home.” This dude bled black-and-gold, and then he also became one of their most productive players in 2013 and (mainly) 2014. Golden was as good an ambassador for the program as Missouri could have hoped for; it’s awesome to see him finding success in the NFL, too.

Phil Pressey Was Fouled: Just wanted to throw that in there too. I tried to find just a clip of the play itself but all the links took me to Adidas ads. Very strange.

James Franklin’s Second Kneel-Down vs. Texas A&M, 2013: Henry Josey’s run gets much more (deserved) attention, but there were still three-and-a-half minutes left in that game after Henry housed it. Missouri’s defense forced an easy three-and-out by Johnny Manziel, and then two first-downs on the Tigers’ next drive ended it. I’ll never forget that sense of euphoria in the stadium when Franklin’s knee hit the ground with one second to go, clock running. That really does feel like the last moment where anything was possible for Missouri football.

(Side note: One of the things I’m still saltiest about is the fact that Dave Steckel would not answer questions about why they went to a three-front defense in the SEC Championship game. I still feel like the fans deserved an answer to that).

Missouri 51, Tennessee 48 (2012): Missouri and Tennessee seem to have developed a healthy rivalry over the last eight seasons, right on par with its rivalry with South Carolina. This game, in an otherwise lost year, was the highlight of that first SEC season. One of the craziest games I’ve ever covered, and a good reminder of how clutch James Franklin was when he was healthy.

Barry Odom’s hire: Man, this one is bittersweet. I really wanted things to work out for Odom in Columbia. The moment he was announced to his players was obviously special; I truly believed he would be the right bridge after the Gary Pinkel era, too. Things didn’t go according to script -- they rarely do. I’ve written that I believe parting ways with him was the right move; but I wish it didn’t get to that point.