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Ten Thoughts for Monday Morning


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Congratulations. You made it through another offseason. There is college football this week. There will be college football every week for nearly five months. Your lives have meaning again...at least for a while. During the season, starting September 1, I'll do ten thoughts on college football on Sundays and then continue the ten Mizzou thoughts on Monday. So let's get to it.

1. Let's start with hoops and get it out of the way before the football talk. Caleb Love released his list of official visits. I checked with a couple of people who know more about it than I do. I was told that Missouri has worked harder than anybody to give itself a shot at Love. And it still has a shot...but I'd classify that shot as very slim. Most expect him to go to North Carolina or perhaps Louisville. I'd say it's those two and then a gap. It's not impossible that Missouri gets him...but it would surprise me.

2. Speaking of surprises, we were surprised when Montra Edwards committed last week. We were less surprised when he decommitted on Sunday. I've become pretty desensitized to the silliness of recruiting. But five days? That's the shortest commitment I can remember. These kids feel so much pressure to make a decision. If you aren't ready, just don't make it. Missouri may still end up getting him. I really have no idea.

3. You should at least pay some attention to an announcement later today. Detroit offensive lineman Deondre Buford is set to announce, I think at 3 p.m. We don't think Missouri's getting him. We think he's going to Kentucky. But we're not positive about it. If it's not Kentucky, we think it's Missouri. Mizzou would take Buford for sure. If it doesn't get him, we think the offensive line class is complete.

4. The AP top 25 will be released at noon today. Missouri is eligible to be in it. I think it will be.


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